Regional Transportation

A well linked corridor is something this community needs to start working on now! Future transportation problems are imminent. We are already feeling the effects of a congested highway, it is only going to get worse at our growth rate. We need alternative methods of transportation connecting Whistler, Pemberton, and Vancouver.

Exploring all possibilities whether public, private, or a combination, is very important before making our decision. BC Transit, can play an integral role in serving as the partner connecting Squamish to Whistler, and possibly Pemberton. As for Vancouver, private transportation directly going into the Downtown “HUB”, might be a better bet.

To truly achieve a great regional transportation model, we must critically asses each opportunity. All while actively collaborating with different levels of government, neighbouring communities, the Squamish Nation and the private sector. Programs like ride share, have also grown in popularity over the last few years. Considerations to their expansions in Squamish should also be given to help alleviate transportation problems.
We will all benefit from an interconnected corridor, whether you’re wanting to, work, live, play or learn.