Economic Growth

Our economic ecosystem needs help. As a small community we need to focus on retaining businesses which are already here, while doing our part as members of council to attract new business to Squamish. Having better communication channels with the Chamber of Commerce and Squamish BIA, will provide a better network for attraction. Having strong policy and strategic plans in place will shape our community to better support businesses.

How will policy help?

Zoning plays a very important role in where businesses can operate, it is impossible to have “high paying” jobs if we have nowhere to place them . With strong policy will come more employment spaces as opposed to residences, providing a much need opportunity to establish higher paying jobs.
Not to mention the horrible tax deal we give ourselves, by not incentivizing employment space development. As opposed to residential, employment space (business) contributes 3 times as much tax! Doubling as an ideal way to lessen our absurd infrastructure debt.

How do we get more high paying jobs?

By working with our Economic Development Office and other Partners to attract jobs in industries such as manufacturing, distribution, technology, and education sectors and green energy. We need to network within the rec-tech industry, attracting organizations who’s organizational values align with the values of the Squamish community. An example are businesses which have direct relations to outdoor recreation.

By Expedite All Employment Based Applications. This results in an increase of much need employment space quickly!
Including all
– Building Permits (For construction, expansion, and renovations)
– Development Permits & Variance Permits
– Rezoning Applications