Thank you for visiting my website. Here, you will be able to gain insight on where I stand on particular issues. As well as, an in-depth look at the three key issues among others, which I would like to focus on during my time as councillor. I have included viable solutions where I could, so that readers can understand how I intend on contributing to our community while on council. A strong policy will enable us to achieve our goals as a community.

“I vow to have integrity in my decision-making, commitment to this community, and will prove to be trustworthy to all constituents.” These are values I carry close to me in my life, and they are what I believe every elected official should manifest to a degree.

Why are you running?

My reasoning for seeking a seat is simple. It is the best way for me to serve a community I was born and raised in, and have grown up to love. I have experiences in community service, entrepreneurship, construction, real estate, insurance, and a BBA in Finance. These experiences provide a solid foundation to generate discussion, before making ethical, educated, and meaningful decisions, on behalf of this community. I am very forward thinking. I believe this quality is essential when discussing proposals made to council. It is not only about how it will affect us today, as tomorrow is right around the corner. We need to start making decisions in the best interest of this community.

I hope to achieve a better functioning, better connected, community. Where we have better channels of communications with community groups such as the COC, SES, BIA,and the School Board. The Squamish Nation has their own governing council body, which we as council should meet with on a regular basis. All working together to create a collaborative environment and a better functioning Squamish.

VOTE RAJAN HANS October 10th, 13th, 15th, 17th, or 20th!